The Homeless Blue Jays

Canada taking a hard-line and not allowing the Blue Jays to play in country this year. Wow. Pittsburgh denied their request to use PNC. Looks like they are going to be forced into using Buffalo’s AAA stadium. One day before the start of the season and the Blue Jays still don’t know where their home field is. That’s crazy.

Makes this ridiculous “season” even more so.

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Amazing that this wasn’t anticipated and prepared for by MLB

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Is it really?


But don’t worry, we’ve got a shitty season format and (possibly) an extended playoff format coming, maybe!


Fuck you in your fucking ear, Manfred.

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I guess not.

I still can’t believe we got a worse commissioner than Selig. Or Gary Bettman.

wonder if the jays will want to go back north of the border when things go back to what normal will be after the virus does what ever it is going to do.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s how that works at all.

They might just fall in love with Buffalo.

Manfred is a joke, as is the entire idea of trying to play professional team sports as a pandemic rages across America. I’d support the entire Blue Jays organization opting out of this season as a shot across the bow to Manfred. We were up in arms when Hurricane Ike forced the Astros to play the Cubs in Milwaukee instead of in Houston and when the Astros lost home games due to Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The Blue Jays aren’t going to have a single home game during this abbreviated season.

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… said no one, ever.

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Believe it.