The Defense

Top 10 teams in Defensive Runs Saved…

Tucker 1st among all RFs with 13 DRS.

Pena 2nd among all shortstops with 13 DRS (Correa is tied for 17th with just 3 DRS).

McCormick and Meyers among a group tied for 17th among CFs with 2 DRS apiece (Siri had 8).

Yordan with 3 DRS (in 304 innings out there) and Brantley with 2 DRS (in 249 innings) in LF.

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Thanks for posting that. A couple of comparisons stood out to me. Tucker tied with Betts for RF is a statement.
Also what is up with the 13 Runs saved for the NYY pitchers?

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Mentioned on the broadcast today but Yordan rated the best LF arm per Fielding Bible (and Fangraphs)…

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Past and present…


I’m very happy for Jeremy. It’s pretty special to be a GG finalist in one’s rookie year.


Tucker nominated in RF.

Somebody explain to be how in hell’s bathroom Machete is not a nominee?

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Also among ex-Astros, Straw is a finalist in CF and should win.

He does not hit enough. Go figure.

Maldonado was nominated for a GG last year even though he was an even worse hitter than this year.

Perhaps leading the league in passed balls and seeing his CS rate decline from 40% to 26% might be a better explanation for why he got left off this year?


Probably this.

My guess is voters are glad to have a few stats to guide them in these things.

And by guide then I mean rely on them to the exclusion of all other information.

No Yuli nomination?


Luis Arráez, Vlad Jr. and Rizzo were the finalists.

What a fucking joke.

The Gold Gloves in a nutshell.

They’ve become much more realistic since they changed the voting criteria


Fielding Bible Award winners announced today…

Tucker finished a close 2nd to Mookie Betts in RF.

Peña finished a close 3rd at SS behind Jorge Mateo and Miguel Rojas. Correa was 13th.

Vazquez finished 6th at C with Maldonado 11th.

Bregman was 10th at 3B.

Yuli tied for 13th at 1B.

Framber was 16th among P.

Altuve was tied for 18th at 2B.

Dubon was 6th among UTIL. Marwin was 4th.

Whole slew of exes showed up in CF voting: Straw 1st, Siri 4th, Kike 13th and George 20th.

I don’t understand the lack of love for Yuli. Who are the 12 better defensive first basemen? I could see arguments for Rizzo, Freeman, maybe Goldschmidt, maybe Olson. Who/what am I missing?

Thanks. Although I’m still puzzled by several of those.