The Defense

Top 10 teams in Defensive Runs Saved…

Tucker 1st among all RFs with 13 DRS.

Pena 2nd among all shortstops with 13 DRS (Correa is tied for 17th with just 3 DRS).

McCormick and Meyers among a group tied for 17th among CFs with 2 DRS apiece (Siri had 8).

Yordan with 3 DRS (in 304 innings out there) and Brantley with 2 DRS (in 249 innings) in LF.

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Thanks for posting that. A couple of comparisons stood out to me. Tucker tied with Betts for RF is a statement.
Also what is up with the 13 Runs saved for the NYY pitchers?

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Mentioned on the broadcast today but Yordan rated the best LF arm per Fielding Bible (and Fangraphs)…

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