The 2016 International Slgning Class

Blanco’s no no sent me down a rabbit hole today thanks to a link in the Athletic’s story that sent me to the 2016 Astros International class.

So I wanted to know how they turned out. I have a googlesheet you can view if you want player by player.

Of the 21 signed - 5 have made it to the majors:
Cionel Perez
Teoscar Hernandez
Ronel Blanco
Nivaldo Rodriguez
Yohan Ramirez (yeah the guy currently suspended for throwing at Rhys Hoskins)

Only one of those who made it the MLB level signed for greater than 20K.

Six more guys made it to AAA. Three never made it out of the DR.

10 are still active though a few of those are in the Atlantic League and Mexican League which are not affiliated but are partners of MLB.


I remember when Cionel Perez was a highly thought of prospect. A good reminder not to get too excited about guys in the minors until they’re actually on an MLB roster (preferably the Astros).

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Perez has done pretty well with the Os, I think.


He’s certainly been solid the last few years. As a prospect, though, I remember him being talked about as MOR starter (or better).