Texans 2022

Texans manage to stay out of the lawsuit (so far anyway). An interesting move by Flores at the same time he’s one of the finalists for the HC job…


Proof that Elway is a bronco.


Horseshit, stable, ivermectin… Someone needs to put a bridle on that goon.


Or invite him to appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast.


I’m sure the booker is calling him now.

Maybe he really does have worms.

It took me way too long to realize that tweet was a joke.

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Me too.

The 2020s (as were most of the 2010s) have been beyond parody.

I’m likely missing something, but based on my quick Wiki research, McCown seems to have no experience: volunteer QB coach for a high school in NC, for a year or two. I also saw that while there, he made pancakes for the players in Fellowship for Christian Athletes. I wonder which impresses the Texans more.

Needless to say, I’m hoping for Flores, and for an asteroid to take out the entire ownership lineage.

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Given McCown’s lack of meaningful coaching experience, the fact that he is a candidate at all tells you all you need to know.

I don’t know this guy’s credentials but he used to write for Yahoo Sports:

When did the Pro Bowl stop being tackle football?

When was it ever?

It was this day:

So now, all of a sudden, Lovie Smith is a HC candidate.

Makes more sense than McCown

They’ve been told that if they help the league out with their minority problem they’ll catch a break on the Watson issue. And, btw, it can NOT be Flores.

Catch a break? They can’t make Watson want to stay, or make his trade value increase.

No, but they can go ahead and discipline him so the Texans don’t have to pay him this whole time. The league has jerked the Texans around big time on the Watson saga.