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Any experts / professionals in here willing to take a shot at some questions? My wife and I have relatively complicated taxes (both self-employed), I do them myself and am confronting this go-round some weirdness brought about by COVID stuff, etc. Please message me if willing. Creative remuneration negotiable.

The biggest help I can be is this:



I agree. As a self-employed person myself, I rely on a good tax accountant who is familiar with my field of work. It’s invaluable.

I’m not self-employed, and my taxes are only moderately complicated, but I’ll re-recommend the earlier recommendations: hire somebody who knows what they’re doing. It’s money well-spent.

Mrs Hawk is a tax CPA. Do you have questions, or are you looking to hire someone? Feel free to message me.

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Not all CPAs are alike, Devin. A tax CPA is essential. You have access now to a tax CPA you can trust. I hope you use her.

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I have found the tax software provided by Quicken and H and R Block to be useful. But if I found myself posting questions about income taxes to a baseball message board, I would probably be inclined to to seek the assistance of a tax professional.

I am reminded of the famous comment about a lawyer who represents himself/herself.

Or what to feed a turtle. We’re a veritable encyclopedia of general and specific knowledge around here.

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18 years and I’m still waiting for a fucking answer.


That’s got to be one ravenous turtle.


Slow reptile metabolism