Super Bowl

Who is winning and what’s in the smoker?

Tampa Bay wins and I’m smoking one rack of baby back and one rack of St Louies.

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I’ll be making carnitas. And pulling for KC.

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I’m hoping it’s the Bucs. We shall see though. Nothing on the pit for me, but making some Spanish bean soup, and several appetizers, including smoked fish spread. Thought about making devil crabs, but too much work for just me and the wife. Had it been a party, probably would have made crab chilau. Will probably make some sort of crab dip though. I have a couple of nice Tampa- rolled cigars for the occasion, win or lose.

Mahomes is the only reason I’ve had to watch the NFL since the Oilers skipped town. I’m a Red Raider and we watched him do all that stuff that makes Sports Center in college. We saw the “no look” pass in the Spring Game before his Jr. year and he did a left handed pass for a first down that same year. I left Houston in '88 and haven’t had a rooting interest in the NFL until Mahomes. Also, the Chiefs are an original AFL franchise, which is better.

If you’re looking for a competently managed organization run by serious football professionals with outstanding judgement and a total focus on winning, look no further than the Texans.

I was a die-hard fan of the 1-13 Oilers. I don’t need that shit twice in one lifetime.

Making pizza and wings

Rooting for KC because of Mahomes, and I am not a Red Raider.

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I’m so sorry.

Don’t be. I spent three years in Lubbock in law school and saw enough of them then to last me.

I knew a fair number of Red Raiders when I lived in Midland. They were mostly Rangers fans, but other than that they were pretty good folk.

My high school friends who went to college went to Tech, Texas, A&M, or Baylor, except for one guy who went to Harvard. We had no idea why he’d want to do such a stupid thing when he’d gotten into Texas.

The guy who graduated third in my class went to Harvard. He hated it. He left, one way or another, after a year. Not sure where he ended up. Maybe he should have gone to Texas to start with.

I had a good time in law school (socially; law school was hard) and did not mind Lubbock. Sue and I went to all the football games and learned one immutable fact: Red Raiders hate UT far more than they love themselves.

Huh. I thought that was only Aggies.

Not while I was there. I am sure they hated Aggies too, but they reserved a special spot in Hell for Longhorns.

The Tech law school used to dominate the National Moot Court competition in the late '70s and early '80s. Texas Tech School of Law has always punched way above its weight class. I would argue that this is true for most of TTU.

I’ve hired engineering grads from UT, A&M, UH, UCLA, CSF, and USC. None performed nearly so well right off the bat as the Texas Tech grads. Although, the UH and CSF guys were pretty good too.

We used to hate A&M worse than UT, but only slightly.

I meant I thought only Aggies hated UT that much.

Aggies possess a certain repressed self-loathing that is unparalleled among Texas’s other rivals. Their hate is peppered with envy.

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Aggies hate being the little brother, but that is all they will ever be.