Super Bowl LVIII

Why wait?

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The amount of piss being boiled that I saw during the conference final was delightful.

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What are the Navy doing in the middle of a desert?

The first rule of Area 51 is don’t talk about Area 51

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Soros is everywhere, Soros is everything…

I totally like Taylor Swift in spite of the banal nature of her music.

Turnovers’ll kill ya

Is Slowik calling plays for the Chiefs?

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The Chiefs offense is not as good as it once was

Joe Montagna!

I hope HH is not drinking a flat, flavorless Manhattan

What happens when it’s still tied at 6-6 after overtime?


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Do you find manhattans flat and flavorless as a rule, or do you think I make them that way?

I had a beer earlier, and may hit the cognac again tonight. I’ve not decided.

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A little razzle dazzle

That was the worst greatest play in SB history

No, no, no…yes!

My wife turned on the game for the first time in 40 years of marriage, and then asked what position the Fellah played. The NFL can thank Taylor Swift. I told her he played sweeper.


This game is about to turn. KC scores a touchdown here, they win this game.