Stros @ Halos, 9/2/2022

Pena IF hit, Bregman just missed a HR foul to LF. Nothing else of note in top 1

LMJ wild early. leadoff single for Fletcher, 2nd straight 3-2 count ends with Trout 5-4 FC, safe at 1st.

Goes 3-0 to Ohtani, then 3-2, then got hosed on ball 4. This ump is questionable so far.

Mound visit by Maldy leads to better pitches, Rengfio taps to the mound, LMJ gets the out at 2B but Pena decides he has no play anywhere else. 2 outs.

Ward 1st pitch F9 ends the inning. 24 pitches, 12 strikes for Lance.

Thanks for nothing, blue.

And try not falling behind Lance.

Lance is a study in frustration.

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For a catcher Diaz runs … like a catcher.

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Yuli F7
Tucker 5-3
Yainer Diaz sees all of 1 pitch in his MLB debut…6-3

The safe spending commercial is funny.

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“What’s bang for the buck?”

Fortunately my girls are grown and out on their own.

123, 9 pitch, 2K inning for Lance. That was fast

Altuve calls the “line it off the third base bag and straight into the air” play, resulting in a single and moving Chas to third.

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Missed it but Chas got to 2B by continuing to murder LHP.

And Pena continues to murder the ball while batting 2nd. 2B off the wall in LF scores Chas, Altuve to 3B

Shallow FB to CF, Altuve tagging, Trout’s throw is 6 feet up the 3B line. Tucker made an out somehow.

2-0 Stros

That Fletcher is sure a pesky little fart.

There’s effectively wild and there’s just wild.

Don’t see Trout get pretzelized often.

Way to go Yuli.

Back to back liners.

I like.

Yainer, you’re allowed to take pitches at this level.



Lance had to dot that fool up twice.

The field mic tech needs to turn down the gain.

He needs to turn off the fuckwit who keeps asking Altuve how tall he is.

Fucking idiot. Everyone knows he is exactly one altuve.