Strom Article

Good article. Didn’t know about his USC teammates.

Crap. I posted this too and will delete mine.


Glad to see a thread about Strom.

No subscription to The Atlantic, but enjoyed this article announcing Strom’s off-season residence.

Here is a 2018 overview. - a long, but very good read.

Two timely Strom visits helped a vet stop the bleeding & a rookie earn a win with his debut - a 7-6 comeback vs the D-Backs:

Strom visit #1 - Top 4th - After the D’Backs had scored for to take a 6-4 lead w/ 1 out,

  • Grinke gets 2 outs to end the inning w/ 5 strikes/7 pitches

Strom visit #2 - Top 7th - After a K, BB, WP, BB, there is a Strom visit (1 out, Astros down 4-6)

  • Solomon gets a DP on his 2nd strike to end the 7th
  • With 11 pitches he gets shuts down the 8th, giving up 1 run in 4-innings for his 1st “W”!