Streaming games question

So I no longer have Directv and access to the extra innings package. Best Suggestions on how to stream all of the Astros games this season?? Tv streaming, not phone.


Legal or illegal?

For now let’s say legal.

Fubo is one

If you’re talking about a smart TV, and you’d be blacked out on MLB TV, I think your only legal options are Fubo and AT&T TV. MLB TV + a VPN or other anonymizing service is too cumbersome on a smart TV.

I used MLB TV with a manually entered DNS (unlocator provided the DNS for about $30 a year) for several years. I had to use my laptop hooked up to my TV via HDMI. It worked but the past two seasons have been less hassle using FUBO without any hitches.I will probably go back to FUBO this year. I’m currently on YouTubeTV which is overall a lot better than FUBO but currently no has no ATT Sportsnet…or even FOX SW…

The trouble I had with Unlocator is that when I wasn’t watching MLB TV then Unlocator’s DNS would wreak havoc with other streaming providers like Netflix. I ended up switching DNS back and forth all the time. Fairly quick and easy to do on a computer; slower and more cumbersome on a smart TV.

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Other than the price, FUBO worked well for us last year.

I felt the same way when I used it in ‘19. It’s not too expensive if it’s your only TV service and it has all the channels you care about, but as an add-on just for Astros games (like it was for me) it was pretty steep.

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