ST Game 5 - Cardinals @ Astros

Strom tossed after Top of the 5th. Bot5 - Straw hits ITPHR (CF dive and miss) also has 2 run HR in 3rd.

Why was he tossed?

Bitching about a few close calls on bases-jammed benders by Scrubb. Both could have been strikes, IMO.

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Whitley allowed 3 runs in his 1 1/3 innings. After 5, Cards 7 Astros 4

Julia interviewed him, and his comments were: working on getting back to high school motion, just wanted to throw strikes, did that first inning, once he gave up a hit in his second inning, he struggled mechanically from the stretch for few batters, then recovered. He felt positive about his outing.

He left two on base that Scrubb let in.

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Yeah I was hoping he would get out of it himself, but he was at 36 pitches and the went with Scrubb who wasn’t getting those close pitches from Estabrook

Never heard De La Cruz mentioned as a prospect, but he looked pretty good in this game. Excellent jump on a play to center and two knocks, one a homer.

Today’s finals

Split squad 1: Astros 4 Mets 2

Split squad 2: Cardinals 7 Astros 5 (televised)

Urquidy start 1.1 innings, 39pitches, 23 strikes, 2 hits inc 2run HR, 1BB, 1K

Whitley 1.2 innings, 36 pitches, 2 hits, 1BB, 1K, 3ER

Scrubb 2ER

Straw HR: 2 (3 for Spring)
Bregman solo HR, hbp
De La Cruz 1B, HR

That was a great catch. Also very impressive catch by Julks in left on a liner slicing away from him.

Glad highlights are available; it was a great catch!