Spring Training Game 4, Marlins at Astros

Bottom 1st, 0-0
That’s all I know so far!

Brenson HR off Bieler (?)

This is not a repeat!

Ramirez HR off Bieler
T2 1 out 2-0 MIA

First ST action I’m able to watch, so naturally the transmitter exploded or something in the 1st inning and mlb.tv’s been on a 30 minute commercial break.

Finally restarted. Interviewing Dusty.


Chas McCormick, who plays for the Astros, with a slam to center. Astros go up 4-3.

Well, Paredes gave up a homer. Game tied at 4

Seen two ABs from Pena this ST. Solid contact on both.

Went to the game yesterday (beat the hell out of the boring convention I was at in Orlando). I’m certainly no scout, but a couple observations:

  • Alvarez in LF…but nothing was hit his way.
  • Except for a couple homers. The wind was blowing out all day.
  • Parades reminds me of Billy Wagner. Short dude throwing heat. If he can find the zone more regularly, he could be fun.
  • Diaz got plunked in the 1st. Wasn’t sure if it was intentional, but it sure made the crowd cranky.
  • Got to see the legendary Victor Victor Pena for the Fish. Can’t decide if “Victor” or “W” is a better nickname.
  • Stubbs worked some good AB’s and made sharp contact. I’m pulling for him, even if he doesn’t have a clear path to the roster right now.

I doubt Diaz was intentional as he wasn’t on the '17 club.

Yogi Berra allegedly stuck a slice of meat over his catching hand to absorb energy. Since we’re betting plunked all year long, is there a shock-absorbing garment over the trunk we can legally wear in games. Bregman missed a game last year from a shot he took. This looks like standard strategy from our opponents, and everyone will look the other way

Maybe they can wrap themselves in bubble-wrap at the plate. The best remedy is an Astro FB in the ribs as follow-up to Astro hitters being plunked. They’ll get tossed but it needs to be done if it comes to that.

Back in 2002 or so MLB tried to curb protective armor while batting when there was a spike in HBP. That got slippery when some like Barry Bonds got medical exemptions for elbow pads because of previous surgery, when others couldn’t. Can’t remember how long it lasted, but MLB pulled back those restrictions.

As far as I can tell there isn’t anything in the MLB rules banning protective equipment like the padded pitching/batting shirts that are out there now.