Spring Training Game 3, Astros at Tigers

HOU 2, DET 1
Bottom 4, 1 out
Cenabria (?) pitching for Astros , gets Schoop to pop to RF. 1 out

ex-UH Cougar Corey Jolks(?) grand slam to LF!
8-1 HOU T7, 2 out

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Cheaters win 11-1. Were the trash cans banging?

Jim R, I took a late lunch today and listened to the first two innings on the sirius app. As expected, lots of audible booing for Altuve, Bregman, Carlos and Yuli that you could hear on the broadcast. The sound of Altuve’s hit sounded like a rocket. I’ve never been so interested in spring training games. I’ve been to Lakeland (Joker Marchant) a few times and I imagine its a lot less hostile than further down the east coast for all the damn yankees down there. LOL. I know you have been to all of those stadiums many times. No trash can sounds.

I have not been back to Florida since Katrina. Amtrak quit going to Orlando so we just went west every year. Dan died, and Jerry and I fly so maybe we’ll go to West Palm some day.