Spring Training 2020: Game 1 vs Nationals

Well, not quite as meaningful as the last time these two teams met. But I for one am glad to get this season moving. We’ll see what the BBGs have in store.

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Javier looked pretty good in setting down the Nats regulars 1,2,3 in the first.

Straw has forgotten what the lump of wood is for.

This has legs because motherfuckers like y’all keep talking about it.

Had to get it out of my system.

Astros’ B Team get a first inning knock, but otherwise uneventful in their first at bat of the season

Not sure what the fuck that meant, but glad you cleaned it out. I guess we all have to get into game shape.

here watching the game and giving the Astros my full support

Directed at these announcers who maintain the cheating scandal still has legs, basically because they feel compelled to talk about it. Obviously, I’m watching the Gnats feed.

I have been watching gammes without sound for a number of years, I think that policy will pay off big time this year.


I have the sound turned down, but do those idiots think no one has been talking about it, and MLB may launch an investigation? Have they been drunk the last four months?

You are correct. I should heed this

Meanwhile, another nice inning by Javier.

Yes sir, it is a good time to focus on the positives.

These WS flashbacks are hard to watch.

Starting to pour down rain as we head to the T3

Rain delay

I will have the sound on, if I watch, only for TK and Blummer. I started that last year, but there are many more reasons in 2020.

This is why I hated ST in Florida. We would lose 1-2 games of our 8-10 day trip every year.

I was happy that the timing of the Astros MLB audio stream tonight was very close here in North Carolina to the MLB TV feed. The audio stream was only a split second ahead. I couldn’t have stood the NATS announcers. Last year there was quite a delay between the two whenever we had to watch opposing team broadcasts.

Any chance we will get more play or is it time to switch to the hockey?

Ironically, six of the games in Arizona were rained out today.