Something to keep me busy

I could tell a very long story here but will condense it so as not to bore you. I met a couple from Kansas on my cruise to Cuba, and I visited them for a week in December. One of the things we did during that week was visit the Negro League Museum is Kansas City. That visit inspired me.

I returned to Austin and decided to look for Negro League art. My friend Google and I started searching the internet, and to make a long story short, I have acquired several prints and three original paintings of Negro League stars. I went back to the Museum in KC in February for an art exhibit and reception it had to kick off the Negro League’s Centennial year. In the midst of all that, my guy Kansas friend made a large shadow box for me to display a signed Buck O’Neil ball I had, and he added other NL artifacts to it. I am waiting for several prints and two originals to arrive, and I will have to get them framed somehow, but when it is finished, my LR will be a mini-art exhibit/Museum of Negro League great players. The artists whose work I will display are Graig Kreindler, Dick Perez, Phillip Dewey, Robert Hurst, Arthur Miller, and Bill Purdom. There will be one more if I have room for a Kadir Nelson print I like.

I love this project.


That’s great, Jim. I’ve been watching Ken Burns documentary on baseball again recently and I’ve appreciated the care he took to include the Negro Leagues in his film. It’s interesting to imagine what MLB would have been like with all that exceptional talent infused into the league instead of cast aside as it was.

Re-watching that Ken Burns series is on my agenda. The Negro League Museum is small but first class, and baseball fans should visit if in the KC area. I have “met” by email and one in person some very friendly artists in my pursuit of Negro League images.

The national jazz museum is part of the same building. They’re both good.

Yep, they are.

Since we got nothing else to do…