Some forum updates

Holy shit I went way too long without installing any forum updates. I’ll try to stay on top of that a little better.

Updates to this software usually introduce some new options and the defaults don’t always work for us, so let me know if you notice something weird and I’ll take a look.

Here’s a quick rundown of some new features that we have:


For spoilers, in addition to the “Hide Details” feature we’ve been using, there’s a new option on the gear menu called “Blur Spoiler”. Just mouseover the blurred section to unblur it some, and click it to completely reveal it, like so:

OU sucks

Navigation Menu / Sidebar

You may notice the new navigation menu off to the left. It is visible by default, but you can collapse it with the menu button in the top left if you so choose. On mobile devices, at the bottom of the menu is a button to toggle between this default “computer mode” (which is more friendly for larger screens like computers and iPads) and a “phone mode” (more friendly for smaller narrower screens) where the menu is hidden and the button is moved to the top right.

There is a “Categories” section where you can customize what categories (e.g. TZ, GZ, etc.) you get links to. By default you get pretty much all of them.

There is also a “+” button at the bottom where you can add your own links section. You can use it for your own personal bookmarks, like specific Astros reporters’ social media, or a “boss button” that loads your work e-mail, or anything you want. I’ve added a “Quick Links” section for everyone that has some stuff I thought might be useful, and am open to suggestions on what to put there.


There’s a new chat feature. You can show the chat window by clicking the chat bubble in the top right. It can either live at the bottom of the window or you can expand it to fill the whole window. Obviously there’s nothing set up in there right now, but I’m kind of wondering if we can move GameZone discussion there since a chat room is probably more appropriate for faster-paced stuff like live game commentary. We can also archive chat history to a forum thread for safe keeping. Maybe that’s something we can try during a few ST games.


In the words of Lou Brown, “that’s a hell of an idea”

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If the first thing typed into the chat room is “I put on my wizard’s hat and robe…” I’m blowing that fucker up.


HudsonHawk doesn’t play games. He fucking charges your ass.

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Thank you for making these updates, @Waldo.

I was playing around with the chat feature on my IPhone and I saw we can create channels, which could obviously be used like the GameZone. My question is it appears you can invite 20 users to a personal channel you create. Is there going to be a way to invite all site users to a game chat?

That’s currently the limit for user-created chat channels. Admins can create channels that everyone can access. Everyone should be able to see a GameZone channel now.

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Thanks for the clarification. I see the archived GameZone channel now.

Reopening the channel after archiving doesn’t seem to work right now so I’m filing a bug report.

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Thanks for always tinkering under the hood, Waldo, and keeping this big freight train rolling down the tracks.



Really appreciate this looney bin.


So…have we tried the new GameZone chat feature yet? Opening Day is right around the corner.

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The “unarchive” feature still doesn’t work, so until the devs get it fixed we have two options for using chat:

  1. Leave the same chat room open for all the games
  2. Create a new chat room for each game

BFT reference!

I’m confused. Sometimes the site tells me there are unread topics, but none are highlighted, including topics to which I have posted in the past. It’s almost as if my most recent post isn’t recent enough I’m considered as not interested in the topic. What am I doing wrong?

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This is a weird one because y’all are the only two to report this problem. It’s worth checking your tracking settings in your account preferences (click your user icon in the top right → click the person icon). These are my settings and I haven’t had this problem:

Knox, I just changed and then changed back your settings, so see if that helps. You may also try removing B&Q from the “always track” list.

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Thanks, I’ve changed my settings to match yours, and we’ll see how it goes.

@austro, @Knoxbanedoodle, @Waldo,

I think these notifications take place when a GameZone thread from last year in which you have posted is archived. That’s what it appears to be when it happens to me. I noticed it last year and again this year when the archiving of those threads started to take place.

Mega dittos. Sorry. This is happening to me too; I changed my settings, thanks Waldo!

I made a GameZone chat channel in case anyone wants to try it for the last few spring games. You can find it by clicking the chat bubble in the top right corner of your screen.

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