"so MANY transplanted Houstonians here!"

Years ago, I attended a game in Miami w/ my bride’s nephew who is a die hard Cubbies fan.

Around the mid-point of the game, with the Marlins leading, some noise started coming from down the LF line.

It was coming out way… As it got closer, we understood.


Very impressive, so far from Chicago! (The Cubbies won!)

It’s happening/has happened w/ the Astros (exposure via the playoffs & WS)!!!

I know I catch some grief for listening to and sharing observations from opposing broadcasts here, but what some may not acknowledge yet is that the Astros have fans in more places that just (part of) Texas.

I’m curious. How many OWAers live out of state? I live in GA.

Last night, as Bregman reached 2B with 2 RBI in the 6-run 7th, the Marlin’s announcers could not ignore the the roar…

I didn’t realize there were so MANY transplanted Houstonians here!

Hint: They’re not transplants, they’re converts!
Can’t miss one behind home plate during the 7th.

We see it in most away games: fans dressed in ORANGE, making noise - hanging around to celebrate when the Astros win.

Great time to be an Astros fan, and having company!


There’s a huge Venezuelan population in Miami that adores Altuve.


Luv it!
Who dosen’t!

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Did you see the crowd and the show of appreciation for Miggy during what was his last game in Miami? It was great. It was the largest crowd there this year.


It’s almost like the Marlins would draw well if they had Latin American superstars on their roster and built around them. Jose Fernandez was a fan favorite for them before his fatal boating crash.

I’m assuming Yordan is popular with the fan base there, but I don’t know for sure.