Smart home getting dumber

Did you wire upside down?

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He wired the British way.

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That’s only for the Southern Hemisphere

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Somebody probably told him to replace to box on the first floor and he took the wrong one out.


I’ve been guilty of that before, but definitely not at this end. Heading into the attic today to see if I’d done something wrong originally.

The reason that sounds like an ordeal, is because it kinda is. I may be up there for a while, so I have to secure the cats like I’m going away for a couple of days. One of them got to the top of the attic ladder once, and I was able to nab him purely because he stopped to marvel at the DisneyLand he’d discovered. His life mission since has been to get back up there - and his nickname is “Magyver.”


It actually is. Following my project of re-ripping all my Blu Rays, I have found that some content has a bit rate too high for my WiFi network. Anything with a grainy picture - notably BSG and 4K Star Wars - will not play over WiFi.

Metric wiring in an avoirdupois world


If you see me writing tomes in other threads, it’s because I’m procrastinating hard about this job.

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Using my line tester, my office line gets 8 greens from the attic to the network closet, through the keystone patch panel to the end of the jumper cable. When I plug that jumper cable into the network switch…nada.

I hate this shit so fucking much.

FTR, yes, all the RJ45s in the attic were wired in reverse. I think the original sin must’ve been on the patch panel in the network closet, because I remember reversing all the RJ45s in the attic once during the initial installation.

Now most of the lines are working fine. There are a couple that are not, but that is because - in my hubris-driven-haste yesterday - I didn’t give myself enough wire to push into the connectors to make a good connection. I was trying to save wire, and I ended up wasting much more than I would’ve saved.

The office line has me completely at a loss, though.

Finally, a reason for home automation I think everyone can get behind.


OMG. That’s hilarious.


I think these are cool and very useful in certain situations - like this guy installing them himself instead of needing an electrician to install can lights.

The problem with them is that installing them this way makes them vulnerable to a light switch. Doesn’t matter how smart they are, if there is no juice because someone flipped the switch, they’re just dumb pieces of plastic.