Second half slumps

Since the ASB:

Pena .203/.235/,344
Tucker .173/.232/.288
Meyers .200/.238/.325
Gurriel .242/.277/.339

You can’t trade your way out of most of your regular contributors sucking.

Not to mention Alvarez in the last week+:


It’s a miracle they’ve won a game.

Also, let’s put this is perspective:

The Pirates just released Jake Marisnick, who was hitting .234/.272/.390

For the season, Astros CF have hit .203/.263/.345

A guy who would be a clear upgrade in CF was just released by the freaking Pirates

If there were a spot on the 40-man, I would happily pick up Jake and send Meyers down.

While that’s true, let’s be clear why this team sucks offensively. It’s not because they’re got getting production from C or CF, it’s because they’re not getting it from 1B, 3B, LF, and RF. Mostly not 1B and 3B, who also hit in the prime RBI spots. Bregman and Gurriel kill this offense.

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Bregman and Tucker have pretty much pulled even