Seattle Seamen @ Houston Astros 8/18/2023

Bryce Miller R
7-4 4.04 ERA

CF J. Rodriguez R
3B E. Suarez R
1B Ty France R
C Cal Raleigh S
RF T. Hernandez R
LF Cade Marlowe L
DH Mike Ford L
SS J. Caballero R
2B Josh Rojas L

J.P. France R
9-3 2.74 ERA

2B Jose Altuve R
3B Alex Bregman R
LF Y. Alvarez L
1B Yainer Diaz R
DH J. Singleton L
RF C. McCormick R
SS Jeremy Pena R
CF M. Dubon R
C M. Maldonado R

According to Kyle Tucker was scratched from Friday’s game against the Seattle Mariners due to illness.

This source has Jake staring in CF

And CF is staring at Jake

Astros go quietly on seven pitches.

After one, no score.

That breaking ball ain’t breaking.

France works around a leadoff single and his own error. Middle of two…0-0

Diaz with a leadoff single

FWI Baggy on the radio side tonight with Robert Ford.

Singleton grounds into 5-6-3 double play

Rattle the bats boys.

That inning died in a hurry.

C’mon Astros, score some runs!

Helmet eject on the swing.

Julks is smiling somewhere.

1-0 Mariners

France looks unsharp.

I tune in and the first thing I see is some asshole parading around the Mariners dugout with a harpoon. That’s great.

Dubon ain’t exactly graceful in CF.

Middle of three…1-0 Mariners

I fucking HATE the props in the dugouts.