Sea Hags @ Astros, May 3, 3024

Over/under on Bregman popups tonight? 2.5?

Blanco getting squeezed already. Great.

I’d fucking bench Altuve right now.

Tucker hitting 2nd? Is Espada brain-damaged?

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If he’s running out of the box he’s safe. But I suspect that gaffe will light him on fire for the rest of yhe game.

I’d say Espadas not trying to make enemies these days.

Polanco with a solo homer for the Fishslingers. 1-0 after 2.5.

Attaboy, Loperfido!! Let’s get it going.

(They did not get it going)

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Yordan finally gets off the Blutarsky line

And a non-pop up with RISP! No RBI, but at least a hit!

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And tied at 1 with an RBI ground out by Pena

Well, there goes that tie.

The tie lasted for (checks notes) zero outs.

Well done, boys.

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You damn well should slam your bat, Dubon. That was awful.

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I was annoyed that Loperfido didn’t try a steal but then I realized that would put a runner in scoring position for Altuve so keeping him at first was strategically sound.

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That play on the popup was insane. It wasn’t until the replay that I realized that Loperfido made the catch.

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Ford and Bagwell were totally fooled as well

I like a 5 pitch inning. Great job by Martinez.

Now we need somebody to score some runs.