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Fuck. This. Noise.

There’s a reason there are 2 of us up there. Can’t tell you how many times I see something the other person doesn’t, or vice versa. I joke about it in our briefings, but it’s a team sport up there and we’re supposed to back each other up.


I don’t know if people here know this, but I started working at Lawrence Livermore in 2018, but not at the ignition facility. Very cool place!


These videos feature an engineer from the Apollo program. The guy is amazing, just like the program was.

The first video covers the computers that controlled the Saturn V’s navigation.

The second is a tour of all 3 stages of the Saturn V.

He leaves more knowledge in the toilet than all the moon landing deniers combined possess in their ‘brains’.


Destin’s Smarter Every Day videos are fantastic by the way. If you haven’t already, go back through his years of videos. They’re all well worth your time. I think we may have discussed some of his baseball cannon videos on here at one point. I’ll be sure to check this one out.


I watched the second one last night. It blew my mind again and again and again. Talley is a great communicator on top of clearly being an amazing engineer—I’ve always thought of guys like that as the true geniuses, not just able to do complex and novel work, but to communicate it in simple terms to laymen too. I know jack-all about rocket science but I still felt like I understood everything he was saying.

And on top of that, the host is so good at making informed comments to draw even more detail out of him. Just a great video.

I sent it to my friends last night as well, turns out one of them is a big fan of the Smarter Every Day channel already and says he plans to make his future children watch all of Destin’s videos.


I used to work with a retired IBMer that went right to work on the Saturn V IU team after he got his masters degree in EE. Heard some great stories over the years. IIRC, for one of the prototypes they put a bunch of IBM engineers on a barge with the unfinished IU, and by the time they made the trip from Alabama to Kennedy Space Center the IU would be wired up and ready to be mounted on the rocket.

They accomplished some truly incredible things back then given the technology of the time.


Full stop/mic drop


I’ve watched many of the Smarter Every Day YouTube videos- they’re superb.
His video of going on a nuke sub was amazing.


This has nothing to do with anything, and I know many of you think he’s a jackass, but I love the fact that Neil deGrasse Tyson is a fountain pen geek and hates emojis.


What is it y’all say? I’ll be in my bunk?

When I was at Lockheed Martin, I spent 3 weeks in Palmdale with their engineers and a cohort of Fairchild scientists (just before LMCO bought them) working on a troubling imaging problem. If ever you want to have an acute attack of imposter’s syndrome, try doing that. Unsurprisingly, “we” fixed the problem.


The human race had a good run.

Now we’re free just to sit back and bitch about the decisions of the AI GMs.


Science imitates art.


There is nothing bad with that calendar. I’m going to print it and use it at work.



December and the back cover are hilarious.

Robot lawyer sounds like another SNL skit.

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Having once used a traffic lawyer for a speeding ticket, I guarantee that the AI could’ve done a better job. A ZX80 could’ve done a better job.

Oh sure. First they come for the lawyers.