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ESPN graphics are Renaissance art compared to Fox

I haven’t noticed the stupid dancing robot lately. Is it gone?

That stupid robot pre-dates the Gulf War. The first one.

I’m getting ready for the solar eclipse this morning in about 2 hours. It’s passing right overhead and hopefully I’ll be able to witness and photograph the ring-of-fire for the third time in 30 years.


Solar eclipses are super cool. Today’s will be right overhead and it look like a clear day. Perfect for SAFELY viewing. Again, please do it safely.

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My wife checked in with my 94-year-old mother-in-law and asked her if she was planning to watch the eclipse. After MIL told her she was, my wife asked if she had any of the viewing glasses. “I’ve got my sunglasses.”

She’s running a pair over to her now.


I don’t have any viewing glasses, just use the old pinhole projected on to a piece of paper. With the sun as high in the sky as it will be for us, I’m getting a pretty large and clear image. Should be a good one.

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Btw, NASA has a live stream.

Also, this weekend are the final days of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, which is an amazing event. Given that the eclipse path is directly over Albuquerque, what a sight that must be.

Welding helmets work

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I made glasses out by layering three sheets of mylar between a file folder and cut out eye holes. Two sheets not enough and four sheets was too much.

Actually, most do not. Most welding glasses are a shade 9-12, and you need at least 14 to safely view an eclipse. There are some out there that are, but they’re kind of a specialty item, and most welding glasses you buy are not safe. So please still be mindful and don’t assume just because they’re really dark they’re safe for an eclipse

Grandkids in Houston are using cereal box cameras obscura, and they seem to be working great. They sent a photo from one of them, and it’s quite sharp.

I made one, but frankly, just an index card and a white sheet of paper is working better. I can hold them farther apart and get a larger, sharper image.

Here is a photo I took of the “ring of fire” in 2017 from western Illinois. Hope to get one like that this year.


That is awesome!

This was our setup to watch indirectly. I couldn’t get my telescope to work the same way.

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That’s the way to watch indirectly, especially if you have a bunch of people. I haven’t owned a telescope in a number of years, but I need one. Like I need a piano. So much cool stuff out there that I don’t have.

My favorite thing about eclipses is walking around and seeing things in this strange half-light. It’s something totally different from an overcast day. It’s a real treat.

My wife just commented on that. She asked if it was going to get dark. I said not like night dark, but you will definitely be able to tell. She just now went “wow, I can definitely tell”.