CBS Sports is suggesting the stros get Contreras from the scrubs for Josh James, Bryan Abreu and Brandon Bielak. Thoughts?

Seems like a lot to give up to me.

Agree. I really like James (potential). Don’t know much about the others.

Is this an actual rumor or hot stove, throwing shit at the wall hypothetical trades?

Hot stove shit at the wall I am sure. But its better to talk about this than the other Astros news lately.

On MLBNetwork today Rosenthal threw out a “hunch” he has that the Astros will deal Correa this winter.
As absurd as it may sound I have had the same “hunch”. He went on to say they would then make a strong effort to sign Rondon and move Bregman to SS.


I almost liked your post but I am sure that is Taboo around here. aw fuck it Im gonna do it anyways.


How about Correa for Contreras. and then Rondon? Again, I don’t know the value of either in that trade. I am sure a healthy Correa would bring alot more, but when is the last time we could say that?

This would not be shocking. The front office is not in love with Correa.

Rendon, of course, not Rondon.

Any specifics as to why? Obviously injuries have been a problem but I have this hunch there more to the story than that.

To me, it makes sense to pursue a starting pitcher if you were to trade Correa. As far as Rendon goes, I think I’d be more inclined to offer Cole a 7 year deal as opposed to Rendon if we are going to offer that dollar amount and years to anyone. I think 7 years is the amount of years that Rendon will be asking for.

I will not be shocked if they trade Correa. Better get someone good, though.

Agree 1000%

Cole is worth 3 times as much as Rendon is. The Astros already have a Rendon- Alex Bregman. Others not so fortunate will pay more.