Rule 5 draft

There are a couple of Astros minor league players who might be selected in the rule 5 draft today.

Brandon Bailey is the most likely to be taken. Orioles are in need of starting pitching and he might be an option for them.

Other players that might be targeted include:
RHP Yohan Ramirez
RHP Andre Scrubb
OF Ronnie Dawson
SS/3B Jonathan Arauz

Pitchers are more likely to be taken than fielders but then again, that is how the Astros got Marwin G.

I saw Dawson play a bit, and he did not hit much in RR. Not sure that loss, if it happens, will be major.

Yes, I would be very surprised to see him drafted but I was also surprised when the Rangers took Delino DeShields Jr a few years ago. But Dawson would be a much bigger surprise.

I expect Bailey to be taken. He makes a lot of sense for a team who may be looking for an opener type starter to put at the end of their rotation.

BA says Bailey very likely to be the second pick

(ETA: That would be the O’s pick, which makes sense)

The Astros lose Bailey, Ramirez and Arauz in the Rule 5. Only 11 picks overall were made and 3 of those involved raiding from the Astros. Quite a commentary on the talent in the org even if it does hurt to lose those 3 guys (for now anyway).

Since we got Bailey in exchange for Laureano to avoid him going in the rule 5 draft last year, if Bailey sticks wit Baltimore, it will be the same as if Laureano had gone in the rule 5 draft. All we get is 100K for the draft pick.

”if it does hurt to lose those 3 guys (for now anyway).“

If it hurt that much, they would have been protected.

And then your 40-man is full and you have no room to add a catcher or a reliever or another starting pitcher.

Pretty basic shit there.

Your point?

And btw, you do not have to instruct me on what is “basic.” I might be at least that smart.


If they did not want to lose them, they would have protected them.

Careful, junior, you might not last long.

It doesn’t hurt to lose those guys except for minor league depth. None were projected to be an Astro this year.

Yup, Duman.

So, if I’m reading this right, it hurts a little in terms of minor league depth but does not hurt sufficiently enough to protect them from the Rule 5 draft.

Correct! What would have hurt mist is to put them on the 40 man and then have to DFA them to make room for a starter or a catcher. Then you don’t get squat for them. Here you get 100K and first rights of they don’t make it. It hurts depth but again I don’t expect 2 of the 3 to stay on the other team for a full MLB season.

I thought you could lose at most two guys in the Rule 5 draft? Did I just hallucinate that?

Nope. No limit

I think there may have been a provision like that at some point in the past, though I may be confusing things with an expansion draft provision.

Not yet! Bailey’s an Astro again, as of yesterday.

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Very good article about the loophole that Bailey and one other player got caught in after they got returned from the O’s and MLB cancelled Spring Training. $$Athletic$$

The players’ union extended the offer to players on the 40-man who had been optioned to the minors and also to non-roster players who were in camp as of March 13, so long as they were a free agent in the winter and had been on a major-league roster or injured list at the end of the 2019 season…It seemed like a fairly inclusive list for anyone who had been on a 40-man roster in 2020 — but it missed one small subset: Players selected in the Rule 5 draft in December, who were placed on the 40-man by the claiming team and then were taken off that roster before March 13.

That subset had two names: Bailey and Rucker.