Royals at Astros 7/4/22

Odorizzi having a rough 1st.

Royals 2 runs on 3 hits, 1 walk, 2K

Jake threw 36 pitches

Let’s hope the hometown team has some fireworks today

Astros go 1-2-3 in the first

2-0 Royals.

Altuve fly out to left on 1 pitch
Peña grounds to 3rd
Alvarez k on a foul tip (9 pitches)

We’re due for a stinker. It happens. I just hope it doesn’t wreck the bullpen for the rest of the week.

Korey Lee catching today

Gonna need to get three innings or so from Martinez and/orAbreu

Looking more like both. Odorizzi is gonna be lucky to get through three

4-0 Royals


It didn’t seem like that hit that got through on Alex was a ball a major league third baseman should olé on.

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Three more hits (though one was a 50-ft dribbler and one was a 2-run routine chopper to SS), and two more runs. 4-0 Royals.

The answer to the question Are we going to get Great Jake first time out seems to be No.

Astros go quietly. 4-0 Royals


5-0 Royals

You’re really messing with my good vibes here Jake

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You know, it would be more fun if the Astros scored some runs.

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Middle of three…5-0 Royals

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Just following on Gameday, but seems like Benintendi is having a nice audition to be moved at the trade deadline.

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Now would be a good time for his first hit.