Royals @ Astros, July 5, 2022

Single, wild pitch, single, and the Royals lead 1-0 after one

Garcia looks like crap so far.

Melendez with his third HR in the last 11 innings…2-0

This Melendez guy is getting on my nerves.

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He’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.

He came into the series with six HR. He now has nine.

And just threw out Peña.

Garcia looks like a train wreck tonight so far


Get yourself together Luis.

It’s not out of hand yet.

That throw looked way off.

Peña’s leg bounced up a little.

Between that play and the one at the plate KC has been on the right side of the game of inches.

Attaboy Bregman

Bregman with a leadoff double

Tucker with a bloop single, Bregman to 3B

There’s some inches in the Astros favor.

Gurriel grounds out, Bregman scores, Tucker to 2B

Diaz singles, Tucker to 3B

Another rbi for Jake.

Nicely done.

Sac fly by Meyers…tied up

Grienke has left some fat ones over the plate this inning.

After two…2-2