Royals @ Astros 8-25-21

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Great lineup.


FYI the game is exclusively on Youtube and includes the return of Brett Dolan to Astros broadcasting.

Apparently on youtube there is a feed that transposes the radio announcers onto the video.

Worrell button is ready to be engaged.

That would be nice


So did we

Is there a way to record it?

I would assume it will be on youtube in perpetuity

Blum is on it.

Bregman got tested early, nice diving stop on a sharp grounder

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I missed this:

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If you want to listen to the Astros radio feed, go to settings, click audio track, and then select “home.”

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I had no idea Nicky Lopez was this good. He’s made plays against us seemingly every game.

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Done, thanks!

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Jesus, Dusty.

Couldn’t eat before the game?

And interrupt nap time?

2 Ks and a 1-3 tapper for Lance in the 2nd.

ETA (after the SF single)

Swing the fucking bat, Yordan.

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