Rockies @ Astros, August 17, 2020


Bielak walks the leadoff man, but them gets the next three in order.

No score, Astros coming to bat

Six guys in the lineup tonight are hitting under .200


Springer singles, then jams his wrist diving back to the bag on a pickoff. Awesome

Shit. Toro scalded that.

He’s looked at that wrist several times on similar plays since coming back.

Great AB by Yuli.

Stayed alive with those foul tips then smacked one.

I like 2 out 2 rbi doubles!

Correa with a 2-run double!


And of course Altuve swings at bullshit with less than 2 strikes and a RISP.

Man, he’s painful to watch this year.

After taking a first pitch he usually jumps on.

Si, si.

Well that was ugly. Walk, stolen base, TE2

Nice job by Bielak working around the baserunnee

2-0 Astros

Backdoor beauty.

Man, the strikezone is wider than Hudson and I sitting together tonight.

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Six feet apart!!

Seems like Preston was better than Kyle.

We’ve played two…Astros up 2-0

God i love you. I laughed until i started coughing and now i think i have Covid

Where are sitting together tonight? Six-feet apart.