Rockets 2021

Holy shit these guys are terrible.

I could not stand Harden’s attitude. Glad he’s gone. I think it’s time for them to clean house and start rebuilding.

Pleasantly surprised to see them get that W.

They blew a championship a few years ago. Absolutely blew it. That stink doesn’t wash out.

So I’m on team rebuild too.

But then there’s that pesky NBA truism that you need a superstar, preferably two, to contend.

We could be wandering into a desert.

If Chris Paul doesn’t get injured against the Warriors a couple years ago I believe they would have won it all. Too bad that happened and too bad him and Harden didn’t really get along. Paul was a great leader.

Yeah, as soon as I mentioned them being terrible, they turned it on and ended up winning that game. They’re definitely a different team than they have been the last few years.

Barkley said something interesting tonight…he said there’re really on a handful…like 5 or 6…“superstars” in the league right now. But everyone else can really play. There’s so much parity that you don’t need a superstar.

I just saw the last 10 minutes, all I’ve seen of them this year. Boy, that offense is ugly to the extreme. Defense looked OK though.

I certainly hope a good coach and a bunch of good players can get it done.

The superteam trend is still there though.

The offense was awful the first 10 minutes and awful the last 10. The 28 minutes in between though, they looked pretty damn good. Defense has definitely stepped up a notch.

Like who?

“What’s that now?”

Oladipo and Wall can both play well if they can stay healthy.

I watched the good Houston basketball team destroy Tulane last night. The best thing the Rockets have going for them is that they are not owned by Cal McNaiir.

Oh my other old man gripe…those hideous powder blue uniforms. What the serious fuck is that all about?


Fertitta is not much of an improvement.

So I’m happy to say that the Rockets have made me eat my words, immediately and consistently, in the last week. With a 48-point opening quarter, they put the screws to Okie City last night en route to their 6th straight win. The streak won’t last forever, but everyone is contributing, and they’re starting to resemble a pretty damn good basketball team.

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I keep watching them thinking I should invest some time, that unlike the Harden team this is a team I could really like.


They are definitely a different team without Harden. Playing good defense, Wood and Oladipo can be very good players, in addition to Wall. Eric Gordon is what he is, but he can shoot the lights out some nights. And I liked Harden. I’m not one of those who thinks he was the problem. But there’s a lot to like about the way this current team is built.

Too much iso ball is like having ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I have an internet friend who is a Nets fan. He was orgasmic about the signing of Harden; I told him to be careful what you wish for.

The veneer came off almost instantly, but I never expected him to get so apoplectic so quickly.

I watched the last quarter of the Nets-Clippers game last night and Durant, Kyrie and Harden absolutely dominated.