Robert Hurst

Don’t know how many of you know of Robert Hurst or his paintings. He is “A Damn Fine Artist” online, and he was. Robert died today of pancreatic cancer. It raced through his body and did not respond to treatment. If you like his work, check out his website. Pam, his wife, will be selling his inventory. His talented work includes sports, music, western, and critters.

He was a good man and a longtime good friend. RIP.

ETA: The friend who called to tell me the news said he died today, but his wife posted on FB his death was this past weekend. This was shockingly fast to me.

I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Jim. Pancreatic cancer sucks so very bad. I looked at his critter art after talking to you last time. Some of it is great. I may have to pull the trigger now.

Pam would love to hear from you, and please tell her our connection. Email or PM me, and I’ll give you her cell number.

What an apt title for his business.

Sorry for the loss of your friend, Jim.


Thanks, he was a good dude and a friend to all of the Raups.

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Condolences to his wife and your family, Jim.

I really like his style. I can think of a spot where his “Blue Buffalo” would look pretty damn good. Not sure if I need approval first.

Thanks. Go for it. Pam would appreciate it.

My condolences as well. I have his 2017 World Championship Astros painting in my office, because of your recommendation, and it’s fantastic and great service from them. I saved a spot for a second one, but that hasn’t worked out. Might look around their site for something else to fill the space. RIP.

Thanks. He was a big fan of the Astros.

I got that same print, also on Jim’s recommendation. I’ll have to check out the critters.

Jim, I offer my condolences on the loss of your friend.


Thank you, Mark. He faced certain death far more bravely than I could. I hope folks here who like art will check out his website and perhaps buy something for your home or office or for a gift. Pam will run the ADFA business until everything is gone, and every sale will be helpful.

Robert was a really good guy. He was funny, friendly, and incredibly modest despite his painting talents.

We lost a good one this weekend.

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Sorry to hear about Robert. He was an excellent artist and obviously a good friend to many. I didn’t know him personally, but any friend of the Raups’ is a friend of mine. I will also check out his art.

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Thank you, Matt. You are a great friend too. As Mark eloquently said on FB, Robert was funny, friendly, and a very interesting person. I will miss him.

I hope you find something you like on his website. Pam will continue his legacy by running the business as long as his art inventory lasts. She was a great partner for him in business, as well as in life. She ran the mundane business side of things so he could spend his waking hours painting. I am pretty sure I got Frequent Flyer prices, but Robert never quoted me a price for an original without saying “I’ll ask Pam.”

He was A Damn Fine Artist and a damn fine friend.