RIP Jerry Jeff

Jerry Jeff Walker passed away at age 78.

Many great songs, but this being a Saturday I can’t think of a better tribute than this. Spent so many Saturdays with my granddaddy doing the things described here:

Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff…down the road in a cloud of smoke.

Hi, buckaroos, Scamp Walker time again.
Gonna try to slide one by once more.
Don’t matter how ya do it.
Just do it like you know it
Besides, we been down this road one before…

Just gettin’ by on gettin’ by’s my stock and trade
Livin’ it day to day
Pickin’ up the pieces wherever they fall
Just lettin’ it keep rollin’ let the high times carry the load
Livin’ my life easy come easy go.

Income tax overdue.
I think she is too.
Been busted, I’ll probably get busted some more.
But I’ll catch it all later.
Can’t let it stop me now,
Besides, I’ve been down this road once or twice before…

Rolling wheel, rolling on
Takin’ us all on our way
Rollin’ wheel, rollin’ on
Takin back all that they gave
Takin’ us all on our way
Takin’ back all that they save

I first heard Viva Terlingua the night I graduated from high school, at a party with a keg in the back room at the office of a cotton broker, one of my classmate’s dad. I’ve loved it ever since.

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It was a great album and has held up well.

I listened to Viva Terlingua early tonight. By the time the 9th inning rolled around I was on to Gram Parsons’s “Grievous Angel”.

The Byrds Sweetheart Of The Rodeo has been one of my favorites for 50 years or so now.

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I’m a Byrds fanatic, and I am here to tell you that anything Clarence White had anything to do with, you want to know about.

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By the early 70s the band was about done. I saw a version of them that included White play in a barn in Kingsville, Texas in the early 70s. Me and about 150 other people sat on haybales as they did a very professional show despite the venue and the paltry audience. Interestingly, there was a touring version of the group out a year or so ago doing the Sweetheart album in small theatres. I wish I had gone.

I have that on my turntable right now. Literally

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You should have. Marty Stuart owns and played Clarence’s B-Bender Tele. I would pay good money just to see that, never mind McGuinn and Hillman on stage together.

I like all four of their 1970’s albums. I know a lot of people don’t, and that seems OK to me, but I like them about as much as I like anything else with the possible exception of The Notorious Byrd Brothers, which is usually my favorite of theirs.

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It’s funny that he would mention Hendrix. I was talking about Clarence with McGuinn once years ago and he said ‘He was better than Hendrix’ and that really sort of struck me as a really weird comparison since their styles and sounds are so utterly different. I guess the point is that both of those guys were doing things no one else was doing.

Not for nuthin’ but I saw Marty Stuart for the first time a couple of years ago at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park and I swore then that I will go see him anywhere within 500 miles of me.

That sounds about right.

Marty Stuart has an amazing collection of guitars.

I almost divorced when, as a newly-wed, I was working around the house one Saturday with that on.
My wife came home and shouted at me “what is that shit”? Grounds, I tell ya, grounds for divorce.

A couple of weeks back I listened to a bunch of old Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y, and Poco all day while doing yard work. Today, thanks to y’all, I’ve been listening to the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers all day. I love 60s music. Yesterday I was listening old 60s Texas psychedelic bands like Bubble Puppy, Shiva’s Headband, Nobody’s Children, and Fever Tree.

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Helluva story!