RIP Denis Menke

One of my favorites from the early 70s Astros teams. Played for the Astros from 1968-1971 before being traded to the Reds in the infamous Joe Morgan deal. Traded back to Astros for Pat Darcy and played one final season for the Astros in 1974. Returned to Houston as hitting coach for much of the 1980’s (including the '86 club).

He actually died a week ago. I am shocked the Astros have yet to acknowledge his passing.

His SABR Project bio.

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A terrible year

A terrible year for MLB deaths

A terrible year for Colts/Astros deaths.

R.I.P. Denis Menke

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Watson, Wynn, Morgan, Menke, also Eddie Kasko, Matt Keough and Don Larsen. Been a hard HARD year.

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Hal Smith, Jim Owens, Keith Lampert, Carroll Hardy

R I.P. all former Colts/Astros who have crossed over.

Thank you for all the joy over the years.

Please feel free to add any missed.

Menke was one of my favorite Astros of the era, RIP

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Me too. At first I was mad we gave up Sonny Jackson but got over it pretty quik.

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All this year? Wow.

Keith Lampard might be the only British major leaguer

Here is the BR list of players born in the UK. There are about 50 most prior to 1900. But several more recent players.

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