RIP Al Kaline

Mr Tiger. Best Tiger that I ever saw.


My favorite player. Back then, they wheeled out the 19" television sets and put them up in the grade school classrooms so that we could watch the World Series games during the day. The 1968 Series is the first one that I remember watching closely.

Our teachers let us bring radios to listen to the games. What is a “television?”


Talking Picture box, back before color. How did you get a wireless set into the classroom?

I was in the 7th grade at Fondren Jr High that fall. I was in Orchestra class and we were listening to the game 5 on an AM radio. The Cards had a 3 games to 1 lead. I remember the Tigers scored 10 runs in one inning and my teacher, who was a card fan, made us turn off the radio so we could practice.

Marconi was a classmate.

Small world. I am also an alumna of Fondren Jr. High School.

Me, too.

Except I am an alumnus

Better than Miggy Cabrera?

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Hitting is debatable, maybe, but Kaline was a way better player.

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You lived in a rich area. In ours, the loudest transistor radio played for the classroom.
1968 was painful for me. I had asthma, and Gibson was my hero.

Perhaps, but Cabrera is underrated. His defense wasn’t as good as long as Schmidt’s (still the best player I ever saw in person) but Miggy had the goods to be in that conversation.

Saw Kaline play OF in the 50s at Briggs Stadium. Part of why I still love baseball.

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