Reviewing recent Astros drafts

For those who subscribe to The Athletic, Jake Kaplan is writing an interesting series reviewing each draft of the Luhnow era. Most recent is the disastrous 2013 draft (disaster not just for Appel):

It wasn’t the success 2012 was but I think disaster is a strong word. It was far worse than expected - I would give it a C to C- but not an F. 5 guys in the top 10 were used in trades that helped bring us- Giles, Kasmir, Maldinado, Gattis & Cole. That is more than nothing.

For a disaster, look at the 2007 draft - only 4 players out of the 44 players picked have seen the majors and non of them signed with the Astros.

Evaluation of drafts is hard because some of the hits and misses are just luck. Hind sight is 50/50 as an old Auburn football coach used to say.

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