Request: College Station info

My daughter was just matched to do a small animal medicine rotating internship at Texas A&M. She will move there in June to start her rotation in July. Any recommendations for things to make the best of a year in College Station on a tight budget?

We will be helping to move her out there and I might be able to talk my wife and son to going to an Astros game while we are that close.


Congratulations on her internship. Sounds like a great opportunity.

Andy T. is an Aggie, Steve. Message him on Facebook for his ideas/suggestions.

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There’s some pretty good barbecue in college station now. There’s also a meat store on campus where they sell the Aggie herd.

I’ve heard that the Aggies play most college sports, but I can’t recommend it. That’s a great vet school.

ETA: College station is only an hour from Snow’s Barbecue in Lexington. It is not exactly cheap, but it’s the best barbecue in Texas. You have to get there early on a Saturday morning–they only cook on Saturdays–but it’s well worth the investment of time. It’s also pretty close to Round Top which is a big antiques center, and famous for Royers Pie Haven. I’m not much on antiques, being one myself, but they have a good classical music festival in the summer and the pie haven is on my bucket list.

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I can second the nominations for Snow’s & Royers. Both worth the trip (but not recommended for the same day unless you run from Lexington to Round Top).

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Third recommendation for Snow’s here. Tremendous brisket.

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Mrs Hawk is an Aggie, but she hasn’t been on campus in 25 years, and says she doesn’t recognize much of College Station anymore.

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I had to be there for a day back this past December. It was the first time I had been there in 15 years or more. I didn’t recognized much.

If she drove clear to College Station think about what that would do to her annual mileage allocation.

I went to high school there when A&M Consolidated was across the street from the drill field & golf course. I lived two blocks south of campus and one block north of the cow pasture that stretched all the way to Cypress. Don’t tell me about how it has changed.