Red Sox at Astros 8/3/22

An incredibly articulate and well done interview- quite refreshing.
You can sense Mancini’s overall gratitude which is wonderful.

Here’s hoping his time in Houston is fruitful, productive and longer than this season.


Exactly. You can hear both the excitement and the slight sadness to leave his team in his voice. But he clearly is super excited to be on a potential WS team.


A common theme of many of the guys we trade for or add to the team in some way is how close knit and welcoming the Astros players are. Graveman was blown away by it, and Mancini has mentioned it several times. Both Click and JV talked about clubhouse chemistry after the deadline passed and about how important it is to make sure the players the Astros want to add are also a good fit for the clubhouse. The clubhouse culture the Astros players have developed is something we should be as proud of as we are of their on-field success. Thanks for posting the interview, Mark. I missed it yesterday.


Loved the reception he received after his HR - all hands on deck!

That interview pretty much encapsulates everything I’ve heard about the guy: he likes everybody and everybody likes him


The reception to his last face-off home AB as an Oriole was similar to his 1st as an Astro. .

Contrast his comments with the Vazquez comments from the day before. It’s shocking. The poor guy hasn’t even gotten through the first stage of grief.

Agreed. Vazquez what still in shock about leaving. All he talked about was Boston.

I am really torn.

I am absolutely loving this guy and now feel they NEED to win a WS even more and would love to see him finish his career here.

That said, there are only so many spots on the team for next year

I am trying not to think about next season and who may end up moving on.

I don’t believe that for one second.


Can one truly change ones nature?

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Nah, me either. He is obsessed.

My point is that I am working to respect the wishes of my fellow posters and keep my 2023 thoughts to myself for a few more months.

I still think about it.

It IS my nature.

Just like I think a lot about what I am going to do next week, or buy at the grocery store this weekend.

I just plan and think ahead.

But I am trying to not bother you with MY issues

Go Astros

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I was just ribbing you (mostly). Don’t take it personally.

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Eschenfelder is very good at pre/post game show. Not so much at PBP.

I’m all good

And yes I took it as just fun ribbing


No, he is not.

He is serviceable at best, and annoyingly smug the rest of the time.

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Club chemistry was a Hinch priority from the beginning. To Baker’s credit, he continued the emphasis. Club chemistry is no small part of the team’s success over the past eight years.
I was never a Baker fan, but I am now. He has exceeded all reasonable expectations.


While he had no clue how his ex-teammates would pitch him, Vazquez had fun w/ Devers during the game, even telling high pitches were coming, and he STILL could not hit them - straight out of “Bull Durham”…

He pointed out Bello’s injury to Cora…