Red Sox at Astros 8/3/22

Let’s see if the new lineup can score some runs (though Yuli has the day off):

If course, Yuli is sitting. He is the hottest hitter on the team.

I’m surprised Dusty doesn’t think Mancini and Vazquez need a few days off to catch up on their rest days from not being on his team.

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We wouldn’t want him to overheat.

At least he didn’t sit both Yuli and Diaz, take the small victories where you can

Ok, there’s our first-inning scoring. Let’s see if they got the memo that scoring in subsequent innings is permitted and even encouraged.

Pena hitting 2nd is a monster…but I’d imagine without looking that hitting between Altuve and Yordan is a pretty sweet spot to be in for everybody

.292 .317 .552 .869 in 96 AB

eta: yep

Is this Eschenfelder? Whoever it is, he annoys me. For no good reason. Not like I ever need a reason to be annoyed.


Yes, that’s him.

Yes it is. Yes he does. There is a reason. Same.

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Oh sure, NOW Tucker bunts

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I come back from the kitchen and see Tucker standing on first and I swear my first reaction was What the hell’s he doing there? and then I see the replay and think Oh, of course.


I bet James Click enjoyed that

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Hope to see a lot of Crawford Box homers from Mancini.


My first thought was “would that have been out in Baltimore?” Glad Blummer cleared that up

I also hope we extend him unless emotions take him back to Baltimore.


That was not a Crawford Box cheapie. It slammed off the signage below the tracks. Yet it still would have been an out in Baltimore.

I mean, it makes sense, I guess, quite an equestrian culture there in Maryland, never know when someone might want to get a polo game going out in left field.

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