Red Sox at Astros, 8/24/23

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
RF Tucker
DH Alvarez
C Diaz
CF McCormick
1b Singleton
LF Julks
SS Peña

P France

7-9 ain’t pretty, but any lineup with those first six guys in it is fine with me.

Well. 1-0 Sox.

Well it will be 1-0, if Verduga finally makes it around the bases before tomorrow.

That got out in a hurry.

So, the Astros have had, what, one clean inning in the last 10 games?

2-out single for Duval

If these first two at bats are any indication, this is going to be a long, shitty game.

Tucker with a 2-out single.

Yordan hits one hard, but right at someone.

1-0 Sox

Jesus fucking christ, France.

Fucking meatball.


Fortunately, we can watch some quality baseball at 2pm when the LLWS game starts.

I hate our pitching right now

Really wouldn’t call it ‘pitching’. More like t-ball practice …

This is a terrible start to today’s getaway game.

Starters with a 5.01 ERA this month, going up today with this.

For fuck’s sake, this is fucking pathetic.

Hey Bielak, feel like going 7 mop-up innings?

The bullpen guys must be looking for hiding places.