Red Sox at Astros, 8/23/23

We’re headed to our first game in years so we’re pretty excited about tonight. Section 114 right behind the visitor’s dugout. I wish I would’ve had enough time to make a “F**CK OFF ALEX” t-shirt.


Where yall gonna pregame?

Good news: CWS win on Mariner errors in the 10th, 5-4, ending win streak!

Inside. Gotta wait for our son-in-law to get home, so we won’t be there until about 6:30. we were gonna grab something at a restaurant in the stadium

Have a great time, and bring home an Astros’ win.

For food in the park, I’d recommend either El Tiempo or Killen’s BBQ. Depends on whether you want Tex-Mex or smoked barbecue.

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Last night was dollar dog night. Some folks got their money’s worth.

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Well, crap. I can’t get tonight’s game.

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Yes way, Jose’!
10 pitch first.

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Altuve with a leadoff double!

Bregman singles, Astros on the corners, nobody out

Tucker with a sac fly

Oh good grief Jose

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Story lines one off the LF wall, Chas plays it beautifully, makes a perfect throw where Story is out by 19 ft, and Altuve just whiffs at it.

Could Altuve non-chalant that catch any more???

Catch the goddam ball, Altuve

So the Astros baserunner less inning streak reamains at one.

After that crap last night…Altuve needs to tighten up.

Middle of two…1-0 Astros