Red Sox at Astros, 8/1/22

Merry Yordanmas!

2B Altuve
1B Gurriel
DH Alvarez
3B Diaz
RF Tucker
SS Pena
LF McCormick
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Garcia

Since it’s Yordanmas, is it fitting that there’s an Angel behind the plate?

Garcia 1-2-3

Altuve drills the first pitch right at the 3b
Gurriel hits his first pitch off the top of the RF wall for a double
Yordan smacks his first pitch into the shift, Yuli to third
Diaz grounds to third on 2-1

End 1, 0-0

I hope everyone remembered to pre-mute the tv before tuning in

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Top 2:
JD flies to RF
Arroyo flies to RF
Cordero K swinging on high and outside

So we have not traded Garcia or Urquidy yet. Is that tomorrow?

I doubt either gets moved now. Unless Josh Bell is still in play

A little 2 out noise from Chas and Jake.

I blinked and missed two outs
Chas walks
Jake actually makes solid contact! Liner through the left side for a single, Chas holds at second
Maldonado K swinging at one in the dirt

End 2, 0-0

One of these innings, a 2-out hit with RISP would be nice

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Tucker rolled over and Peña had a deep F8.

For a second I thought Pena got more of that ball than he did

Which dugout is our new C in?

Neither, he’s not allowed there until the trade is approved by mlb and he’s added to the roster.

I’m just throwing this out because I have no real idea how to value things and I’m curious: would the Nats trade Soto for a package of Tucker and one of Urquidy/Garcia/Javier and a prospect? I realize it would be risky because there’s no guarantee of keeping Soto after next year (but maybe that’s the case with Tucker, too, I don’t know).

Dalbec doubles on a 2-2 hanger that could have ended up in the Woodlands

Garcia got lucky there

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The Nats response would be LOLNOPE


We could try going Ditka and trading them the first 10 rounds of this past draft



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