Red Sox @ Astros, June 1, 2021

You people need to say some funny stuff tonight, and quit bitching.


And I want a pony


Red Sox get an infield hit when Garcia misses the bag covering 1B…stolen base and TE2 puts a runner at 3B, but Garcia punches out Bogaerts to end the threat.



That’s pretty funny!

He got four straight high fastballs, and finally decided to swing at one.

Bregman fell behind and chased.

As did Correa. Apparently, Richards discovered he didn’t have to throw it within three feet of the plate to get a swing.

Alvarez hustled down the line.

Smelled a hit but alas.

So… are we allowed to bitch about balls/strikes?

Cuz Devers struck out on strike 4.

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Tucker doubles, tries to stretch it but gets cut down.

Weird pacing.

You can bitch now.

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Did Tucker think that was a ground-rule triple? He jogged the whole way.

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DFA Tucker

A player who runs it out and takes an aggressive turn gets third there.

Tucker did neither, and didn’t.

Guess he thought they were slow rolling the throw.

Just strange.

He lollygagged that triple into a double.

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