Red Sox @ Astros, 8/2/22

I’m beginning to think that Altuve kid might be able to bat leadoff. Altuve double followed by Gurriel rbi single.

1-0 stros

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I missed the first couple of ABs and gameday shows Altuve scoring from 2B on a single to the SS…how’d that go down?

Man, what’s gotten into Yuli? We may have to start calling him Rickey.

It went by the SS on its way to CF.


Yuli singled up the middle after Altuve doubled.

Jose scored easily.

Jose’s double didn’t miss the Crawford boxes by much.

Peña bounces one thru the middle.

Be productive Jake.

Peña caught stealing and Jake lines out to short.

Suddenly 2 outs.

I wish Javier would quit putting the ball in the middle of the plate.

He wants too announce himself with authority.

Who’s the new guy in the dugout?

Pham single, scores on double by Devers into the RF corner.

Mancini. Mancini is in the dugout.

All three are.

Another hit for Peña and Diaz goes 1st to 3rd.

Would be a nice time for Meyers to do some good at the plate

Or tap weakly to short.

Close. No cigar.

It just wasn’t quite weak enough.

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I miss OWA PBP…I’d do it but I’m all radio tonight. For some reason I’ve never set up my VPN on my phone so I can watch on when I’m somewhere other than my usual domiciles.