Rays' Blake Snell steps in it

$3.5MN + regular testing + empty stadiums not sufficient for the risk?

Shows you why hospital nurses are more heroic than some/most athletes.

Frankly, all of the money talk is pretty disgusting to me.

I get being worried about safety, I get being worried about the disease.

But quibbling because you won’t get as many millions of dollars as you want during a world wide crisis is pretty fucking shitty.

And I don’t just mean the players. The owners are just as bad if not worse.

Bunch of spoiled fucking brats.


Well, yeah. Under any circumstances, the provision of life saving healthcare > playing a sport.

The owners are so cynical. First, they reach an agreement with the players that all salary will be prorated to the number of games played. Great. That’s fair and reasonable by all parties. But then they try to retrade that deal, float to their media access types that they have a plan to resume on July 4th with a 50/50 split, realize they can’t retrade the deal they already made and don’t even talk about revenue split with the MLBPA or even have any sort of detailed health and safety plan given that the players/managers/field staff are the one bearing the risk of illness. And yet the prevailing story is the players are “greedy” because they already agreed to significantly slash their pay and don’t want to slash it further in order to risk the health of themselves and their family.

These billionaire owners sure love capitalism when it comes to making a profit but turn socialist real fast when facing a loss.

Disgusting. Both sides. Spoiled rotten millionaires.


If he doesn’t want to play because of money, replace him. Not exactly the right time to be griping about not making his full 7 million.

He’s already agreed to a significant pay cut below the full $7mm. If the season is 82 games, he’ll get half of that. He doesn’t want to renegotiate the already agreed pay cut to be reduced more.

He’s also getting paid $4,775 per day for not playing. It’s not as if he’s oh, I don’t know…lost his job and having to rely on that $1,200 from Trump to pay the rent. It’s hard to gen up any sympathy for him at this point.

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He’s saying it’s not worth the risk to play at all for only $3.5MM. It’s the full $7MM, irrespective of the number of games, or he’s not playing because it’s about risking the health of his family. He’ll do it for $7MM, but not for $3.5MM.

I wonder what his bottom line family risking price is…

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It’s a reasonable negotiating stance and an asinine thing to say publicly.

After listening to Snell “speak” I’m fairly certain he can’t spell “asinine.”

Huh. I didn’t read it that way at first. He mentioned the revenue sharing being a non starter, but it was kind of ramble.

This will be a moot point because the botched Grand Re-Opening is going to completely blow up any plans for re-starting MLB and the NBA or starting the NFL.

Blake subscribes to the Gordon Geko school of finance.