Rays at Astros 7/28/23

Altuve 2B
Pena SS
Tucker RF
Bregman 3B
Alvarez DH
Abreu 1B
McCormick CF
Julks LF
Maldonado C
Javier on the bump

Lineup was delayed today because Maldy was feeling under the weather and had to see the doctor. Why the fuck is he still catching if he’s not feeling well, Diaz is right fucking there! I love Maldy but Diaz should be catching at least half the games at this point. Especially if Maldy is not 100%

Because Javier has specifically asked for Maldy to catch him, as has Framber.

Because Maldy hits LHP better than Diaz.

Sad but true

Edit: maybe its not the reason but its what lets me sleep at night.


Chas almost had it.

Statcast is proving very questionable of late.

Zero percent catch probability on a ball Chas raced down and has kick off the heel of the glove.

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Triple, now a hit-by-pitch.



… and there it is

3-0 Rays

A hanging slider that was screaming “crush me”

Well, I hope OUR bats are good to go tonight

Dick stomping starting pitching could stop any time and I’d be happy.

Leadoff triple for Altuve!

They get a triple, Altuve gets a triple, I like that balance so far

Glad for the run, but sure wish we’d string some hits in a string

23 ER for Javier in his last 5 starts (21.1 IP), not counting tonight. Woof, indeed.

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Come on Alex, don’t make us settle for just 1 run

I really hope that Javier is either hurt or playing through a dead arm, because if not, we’re seeing the unmaking of a superstar right before our eyes.

Bregman got a center square fastball 3-2 and hit a harmless fly off the handle.

My hopes that Yordan would hit a game-tying HR this inning got smushed.

But at least if we get a clean top of the 2nd, our bats will get another chance to mash.