Rays @ Astros, September 30, 2022

Dusty said he was going to play the regulars down the stretch, but he never promised what order


I don’t hate Bregman in the 2 spot.

But I don’t love moving 91 rbi up there.

I miss Uncle Mike.

Yep, he was perfect in that spot

I do not like Bregman hitting 2nd. He should be in an RBI spot, behind Alvarez.

I know this is not Game7 or anything, but Pena has been so good hitting 2nd, and Bregman 4th, that I don’t know why you’d mess with it.

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My starting line up tonight is Strauss, Ravel, Stravinsky. I’m looking forward to Ravel.


The Astros are about 30 games over .500 with Peña hitting second. Maybe Dusty should stick that.

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39-6 to be exact, Pena OPS over .800

Maybe Dusty is trying to get Bregman more AB’s for some reason. Or maybe he’s doing it to piss off Click.

Fucking Framber walks…

That 0-2 pitch showed just a little too much leg.

Nice play Alex

2 walks on 10 pitches to open, DP, then 0-2 RBI single makes it 1-0.

Nice 5-3 by Bregman ends the top1

I’d like no-fucking-around Framber to reappear.

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Dusty knew he would do that.

Dusty 1, OWA none

It’s the Alex Bregman Show

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AB says, “relax, guys”