Rays @ Astros, September 28, 2021

Five pitches in…2-0 Rays

2-out walk

Gene Peterson’s play by play call of Olajuwon in the post comes to mind.
“Backing it in, backing it in…”

Urquidy finally gets through the first. 2-0 Rays

Bregman royally fucked on strike three at his feet.

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Gurriel draws a 2-out walk

Alvarez carved up.

2-0 Rays.

Kiermaier with a bloop single on 0-2

Lowe shatters his bat for a shiftfuck double that doesn’t make it out of the infield.

Big strike out ends the inning.

2-0 Rays

Urquidy has been snakebit.

Seems to be the theme lately.

Correa draws a lead off walk

Tucker carved up on three pitches

Diaz called out on a pitch 4-inches below the zone.

With this HPU, the Astros have no chance. Might as well go home and save the pitching.

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Can anyone with a pulse go out and light up the home plate ump? He tried to hose Correa out of a walk and just punched out Diaz on a garbage pitch.

It should be Dusty, of course, but I know that won’t happen.

So after the lead off walk, Wacha strikes out the side on 9 straight pitches.


Sometimes I wonder how Chas ever gets a hit. He cannot reach the outside corner.

He missed a changeup right down the middle for strike three.