Rays @ Astros, October 1, 2022

Jake Meyers with a nice catch off the bat of Jose Siri to end T3 follows that up with a LD single off Shane McClanahan to lead off B3.

Moves to second on WP, advances to 3rd on Machete sac bunt. After walk to Altuve, Jeremy Pena knocks him in with the single.

Altuve moves to 3rd on the forceout (for out #2) and then scores on another WP.

Astros up 2-0 heading to T4.

Nice bunt by Maldy to move him to 3rd after the WP got him to 2nd

After 3.5 it’s 2-0 Astros. Meyers with a hit and a run scored.

Cristian Javier finally gives up a hit (a single) as T4 starts. 3 more outs after that and it goes to B4 with Astros still up 2-0.

Javy with 5 Ks so far.

Good guys go down in order in B4.

Score remains 2-0 in their favor.

Sounded like Jake had a nice catch just before his knock.

He did. Coming in dive and semi-roll. Kind of like the one he hurt his shoulder on earlier this year, so it’s a good sign that he didn’t hesitate on it.

I don’t want any baserunners really, but at some point in the future I’d like to see him make a throw that really needs to be made.

Javier allows a single with one out in T5 but then picks off the runner. First career pickoff.

Whiff #7 ends the top half of the 5th.

Astros remain up 2-0.

It was actually a one out walk.

He’s allowed one hit and two walks thusfar. WHIPin’ it good at 0.6.

Jake leads off B5 with a whiff (swinging) on a pitch outside.

Maldy follows with the single.

Altuve climbs on a stepladder to send a ball to LCF for a double off the wall. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out.

Maldy makes it from first to third on an Altuve double.

Jeremy Pena Ks for out #2. Ouch.

I’m going to be unhappy if we don’t get a run here.

I’m unhappy.

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Yordan with the flyout to LF to end frame.

T6 looms with Rays still down 2-0.

It’s a good time to hone those postseason scoring skills. Like getting the runner in from 3rd with less than two outs!

McClanahan, who had struggled in 2 previous starts since returning from IL, apparently will not return for B6.

Javier retires first 2 Rays in order in T6 before David Peralta again with the single (has the only 2 TB hits today). Pops up Arozarena to end inning.

2-0 lead heading to B6.

1,000th hit for Peralta, if I heard correctly. Congratulations to him: not many humans have accomplished that.

Nice moment for Perralta (1000th hit).

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