Rays @ Astros, Oct. 2 2022

Bunt and blast (Altuve and Pena) and Astros up 2-0 quickly in B1.

Astros are 40-6 this year when Pena bats in 2-hole we are informed.

B-Ref tells me Pena is hitting .279/.306/.492 when hitting there this season.

The R/G difference with him hitting 2nd vs elsewhere is the difference b/t having the best offense in MLB vs the 20th best.

T2 upcoming with Luis Garcia on mound and Houston up 2-0.

Threw 21 pitches in first inning.

That’ll do

Garcia FB sitting 91-92. Worth keeping an eye on.

TB quickly strikes back in T2 with a double and single to narrow the gap at 2-1. Runner on first with no outs.

Bregman nabs a hot smash and throws out the hitter at first. One out with the runner advancing to 2nd.

Another GB out with the runner moving to 3rd. 2 outs.

3rd grounder of the inning and hitter retired.

Houston 2-1 moving to B2.

Mancini GB to short for first out in B2.

Vazquez whiffs. Out #2.

Chas flies out to RF to end frame.

Astros 2-1 going to T3.

Grounder 2B, whiff and pop to Bregman as Garcia retires the Rays in order in T3.

We head to B3 with the score still 2-1 Astros.

Altuve puts it on the dirt to the 1B and there is one out.

Pena also with a grounder, this one to 3B. Two outs.

The bats need to wake up.

Corey Kluber walks Yordan on 4 pitches. Kalas notes that Kluber has walked just 3 in his last 8 appearances and 2 of them have been of the 4-pitch variety to Alvarez.

Bregman flies out to end the inning.

2-1 still as T4 about to start.

FO for out #1 in T4 as Luis Garcia has now retired 7 in a row.

Really nice diving play by Jeremy P to retire Choi at 1st for second out.

Blue star plus level play by Peña!

9 in a row now for Luis as he retires the final hitter on another GB.

B4 beckons with the Astros leading 2-1.

Bottom of the 4th starts with Tucker flying out to the warning track in RCF.

Yuli singles to LF. Runner on first, one out.

Speaking of sleeping bats, Mancini now up.

And he grounds into the DP to end it. Thanks Trey.

2-1 going to T5.

Garcia allowed a walk in T5 but that was the only damage as score remains 2-1 Astros going to B5.

Another sleepy trade acquisition bat Christian Vazquez whiffs to start B5.

Chas whiffs as well. 2 outs.

Still hasn’t homered as an Astro.

Altuve doubles down the LF line.

Jeremy drops a bunt down for the base hit. Runners 1st and 3rd, two outs. Well that’s…interesting I suppose.

Yordan a bad swing for strike one. Now 2 strikes. Almost homers on the 1-2 count with a loooooong foul ball to right. Swings and misses again for strike 3.

2-1 score moving to T6.

Garcia whiffs the first batter in T6. Currently at 77 pitches.

Another whiff as Arozarena makes a nice statue as he’s frozen on the final pitch.

Groundout ends the frame.

Nice outing and year for Garcia if that was his last inning.

2-1 Astros with B6 upcoming.

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Gurriel singles with 2 outs in B6.

Mancini up.

And whiffs.

2-1 Houston going to T7.

Stanek enters the game as the 7th inning begins.

If you’re in to relievers’ ERAs then you must be having a hardon for Ryne this year. NTTAWWT

Whiffs the first hitter.