Rays @ Astros, 7/29/2023

6:15 on Fox

Altuve 2B
Peña SS
Tucker RF
Bregman 3B
Alvarez LF
Abreu 1B
McCormick DH
Diaz C
Meyers CF


Well shit

Good throw would have had him.

Let’s fucking go!


Close play. Excellent play by Bregman.

He looks safe, but call on the field was out

He’s safe

How in the hell are they challenging Diaz blocking the plate?

Looks like he got his hand in.

Again, a better throw gets him

Yep that’s an exceedingly tough play to get anything on the throw.


Call stands!

Never in doubt

/tug collar/

If they have to dissect it frame by frame, it’s not obvious and call should stand. Heckuva job by Bregman


If you’re burning a challenge you might as well ask for that too I guess.

Good point. Might as well had them look at fan interference while they were at it.

You can ask for numerous reviews with one challenge, so yeah, ask for everything.

Ok, I got my Third Man working, got some brisket queso on the smoker…LET’S FUCKING GO!

Peña to 2B on a 2-base E5

I think that his hand actually went to the infield side of the plate and missed it.

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Man, Tucker got a fat one and missed it